By: Steve | April 18, 2019

Bonfiglioli has decades of experience in developing customized solutions for the most demanding applications, and solid competence in food and beverage processing. We know that hygiene is crucial in this sector, and customers can rely on our products to do the job under harsh conditions. In addition to our standard products, we develop specific solutions for the food and beverage industry. They feature advanced surface protection, food-safe components and explosion safety certification.

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By: Steve | April 18, 2019

The CheerFutureLand project began almost 10 years ago to help disadvantaged boys by creating Boys Home, in the Chennai area. Since its opening, about 50 children have had the opportunity to live together in a protected environment, to receive an education and to learn vocational skills that prepare them for higher education or to enter the workforce.
As Sonia remembers:

"My father had a passion for helping children, especially in educating them and giving them a chance for a better future"

n 2016, we reinforced the CheerFutureLand project by laying the foundations for a second house in a village near Boys Home.

It is dedicated to providing 50 disadvantaged young girls with a safe, protected environment where they live together, t...